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After a long period of research and development, Dongguan Ruizhaohe Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.'s products are widely apply in the field of industrial and commercial kitchen fume purification, such as catering, food processing, petrochemicals, electronics, hospitals, schools and so on.


Dongguan Ruizhaohe Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. who is a professional environmental protection manufacturer is specializing in the design, production and after-sales service of fume purification equipment and exhaust gas treatment equipment. Our factory has a group of skilled and experienced high-quality professional and technical teams and marketing elites team... MORE


Our Ruihe Brand DGRH series of electrostatic precipitator is reasonable in design, small size, modular structure, more than 95% removal efficiently. Long life span, easy to clean, install and maintain. Our company designed and produced a series of different purification efficiency products to offer the finest air cleaning solution to suit the needs of different user.
  • EfficiencyThe collector cell is a combination of high and low voltage electrical field. Powered by high-frequency high-voltage power supply. Removal efficient rate: >95%.
  • AdvanceHigh voltage power supply control system can adjust electric field strength automatically so that the unit will still maintain a high removal efficiency after a long time service.
  • Eco-friendlyLong life span, energy saving ( more than 50% energy saving  of traditional technology)
  • ConvenienceModular structure design.    Easy to install, maintain, cleaning.
  • DurabilityInsulators are made of epoxy resin. They are strong acid and alkali resistance, high voltage resistance, abrasive resistance, waterproof and  anti-static etc. More stability on the unit and longer cell cleaning period.
  • SafetyOnce the access door is opened, high-voltage power supply is automatically cut off; high-voltage power supply which is sealed by epoxy resin tightly is safe and reliable.